Whether you're training for you next race or just improving your fitness, XtremeStax will take you to the next level. This is a modern shuttle drill that helps improve speed, endurance and cardiovascular health. Its bright and lightweight design can take your training to new heights.


XtremeStax makes those dreaded hill training workouts more fun. Watch your speed improve in just two weeks.

Run Club

XtremeStax is a great way to keep you and your club members engaged and competitive. Whether you're running hills, or sprints on a track, XtremeStax creates a fun and engaging environment for everyone.

Gym Class

Need a new, fun way to get your students moving? Introduce Xtremestax as part of warm-up drills. It's fun for the students and promotes healthy competition.


XtremeStax is the new way to run your team's shuttle drills. Tired of arguing over who touched the line? Not anymore. Use XtremeStax weekly in your speed and endurance drills and watch your team improve. Make speed and agility drills fun and gain an edge on your opponent.

Race Time

Whether it's your first 5K or your 100th marathon, XtremeStax is the perfect tool to improve your training. Use weekly for a fast, hard and quick way to boost your endurance mentally and physically.


XtremeStax will keep your training fresh in any location - from the beach to the track to mountain trails. With XtremeStax, training can happen anywhere.

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